Retro Renovation - Wallpaper

Retro Renovation - Wallpaper

A little before and after. Not only did I put up the wallpaper, but I started to declutter our home and making everything more cohesive and clean.

A little before and after. Not only did I put up the wallpaper, but I started to declutter our home and making everything more cohesive and clean.

Andy here! Sorry…I know it’s been quite a while. I haven’t blogged since December, but I was busy with new projects, renovations and work. But I am back and ready to start blogging again. First, I wanted to blog about our recent “Retro Renovation” project, wallpaper! We wanted to tackle our dining room, which already had original wallpaper, but in need of a makeover. Our home in particular was the model home that sat up top our little hill all by itself back in 1959. The house had all the upgraded trimmings and designs for people to choose from so they could design their own home atop this hill. We even have the “Home of the Future” medallion in the front of our home. With it being a model home, it came with a gorgeous atomic mid-century cream and gold foiled wall paper. Unfortunately, through the years it didn’t age well. It had stains, scratches…you name it. I wanted to make sure I chose a suitable replacement that would still keep that vintage mid-century feel in our home.

I came across this gorgeous embossed atomic star print wallpaper on Amazon for a decent price. Now I had no idea how expensive wallpaper could be! I was happy with this one…and it even had the gold foil feel to the stars as well, so we had a hint of the original in it. Here is a link to the wallpaper: Click Here!


Now for the tricky part…the installation! I made sure I did my research since I have never dabbeled in the art of wallpaper. Every friend I had that recently installed wallpaper had it professionally done. So I knew I would be in over my head. Don’t fret! It is completely doable, just with patience, an extra set of hands and lots of preparation. I made sure I measured my square footage first before ordering and plumped up the numbers just a bit so I had extra rather come up short. I cut out my pieces ahead of time and lined them up against the wall each time before installation. If I had to trim an extra this was the best time to do so…before the installation.

This particular type of wallpaper is a wet to dry wallpaper, which means you roll up your cut piece of wallpaper and fully submerge it in water for 15 seconds and roll it back out to install it. At first I thought this was going to be impossible to accomplish. I mean wet wallpaper? Really?! But it was less painful that I expected. I did the first wall before my husband could help me, and that was no picnic. An extra set of hands is very helpful. Once you have a piece up, make sure that you smooth them out with some sort of roller. I used my crafting roller to smooth our the bubbles and creases. Make sure you do this quickly before the glue starts to set. I have seen some websites suggest a large spatula for smoothing out these lines and bubbles but I realized (through unfortunate trial and error) that it can scratch the paper as well as cut into it. Here is a link to the roller I used for this project: Click here!

After each piece of wallpaper make sure to line up the designs before cutting the following piece. This is especially important when putting up wallpaper with designs. You want to make sure that you get those designs measured up as best as possible. If not, your wall will look pretty wonky and there will not be a cohesive design. If for any reason you put up the wallpaper and something goes wrong, such as the wallpaper folding by accident or ripping for any reason, you can just peel off that paper really quickly and start over with a freshly new cut piece of wallpaper. This is why it is important to purchase more than what you need for your project. Mistakes happen! Especially with this DIY adventure. I noticed some corners of the wallpaper were popping off and not properly sticking. I went over those areas with crafting glue and a q-tip. Don’t put too much glue or else it will seep out of the edge of the wallpaper and damage it.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the look. This wallpaper brightened up our dining room DRASTICALLY! You can see in our before and after shots. Trust me…a change to your walls through paint or wallpaper can do a world of difference.

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