DIY Picture Canvas

Let’s face it…the Holidays can get really expensive when it comes to gifts. What better way to give an awesome gift that is handmade, and friendly to your wallet. This particular gift really hits the ball out of the ball park. Personal and sentimental, the DIY wall canvas is perfect.

I start off by making a list of everyone on my gift list and next to their name I write down the picture that would mean the most to them. For example, next to my mom I would write my late dad’s name, or next to my husband’s name I would write down our puppies. These would be the perfect moment to capture for your loved ones and the end product looks like an expensive canvas. After you compile your list, mark what size you would like to print your pictures according to available canvas sizes (i.e., 5x7, 8x10, etc.)

I would first hit the hobby stores to make sure you can make the appropriate sized canvases. This would be your shopping list:

Needed Items DIY Canvas Art.png

You need to get get artist canvases that are white. Make sure there aren’t any indentations in the canvas to ensure a smooth finish. Once you purchase all your craft supplies, you need to get your pictures printed. I usually opt for the 1-hour photo option through Wal-Mart or Target. I also choose the matte finish. It helps with the painted texture/finish of your finished product.

Once you have everything you are going to start cutting the edges of your photographs appropriately to ensure they fit without leaving any excess off the edges of the canvas. Make sure you have a slight bit of canvas showing on the rim of the pictures…not much for just slightly enough to make sure the printed picture is not hanging over the edges. Prep your canvas by brushing a layer of Modge Podge on top of the canvas. Then apply the photograph to the canvas. Roll out the bubbles or creases with a clean and dry sponge or rolling sponge brush. Let it dry for a few minutes and then apply another layer of Modge Podge directly on top of the photograph. Then even spread that with a brush. After a few minutes, you can go over the picture with the rolling sponge brush, or you can use any clean un-used sponge. With the excess Modge Podge on the sponge, spread that over the edges of the canvas to give the whole piece a painted look. Let dry for at the very least two hours. Once it’s dry…presto! You now have the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.

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