DIY Foam - Rag Rollers

I am constantly on the go and have very little time in the mornings to get ready. So if there are ways to cut my prepping time in the morning I am all over it! I love having my hair curled everyday but that's not a simple task. I have cracked the mystery to perfect curls on the go...overnight curling! We are going old-school here...I am talking about Foam Rollers! But not just any foam rollers. They are comfy modified foam rollers. I have altered the traditional foam rollers and made them much easier to sleep in. The plastic pipe and clasp make it difficult and slightly painful to sleep in, so with a little added cotton strips to the middle you can make them into rag style rollers. 

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1.) Remove the plastic pipe and clasp from the rollers but set the pipe aside. 

2.) Cut 1 inch by 8 inch strips from your old cotton t-shirt or fabric. Cut as many as you need for your foam rollers. 

3.) Fold one end of the fabric strip onto the tip of the plastic pipe and slowly push that through the foam roller's hole. Make sure the fabric stays folded over the plastic pipe the entire time. Don't push the pipe too hard too fast or you might rip the foam roller. 

4.) Once the strip of fabric pops through the other side, just pull the fabric through until the strip is even on both sides. Remove the plastic pipe. Repeat for each foam roller. 


1.) When using your foam rollers for an overnight set, fill your spray bottle with water.

2.) Section off your hair directly down the middle. Start on one side. Depending on how thick or thin your hair is will determine the appropriate amount of sections you will have and how many foam rollers you will need. I like to use 6 foam rollers on each side of my head. Usually my sections are 1.5''or 2'' by 1'' thick. Don't make them thicker than that or else you will not have a lasting curl and the curls will be looser. If you are going for a loose curl look, you have that option to cut your sections in half. So if I wanted a loose curl look, I would do 3 to 4 curlers on each side.

3.) Once you have your section ready, spray that section VERY LIGHTLY. Just a light spritz so it is lightly damp. If it is really wet, your hair will not dry properly overnight and the curl will not come out. You will end up with damp hair in the morning. If you notice that when you take your curler out and your hair is still wet, run the blow dryer over your hair. Or if you are lucky enough to have a bonnet hair dryer, use that for about 15 mins. 

4.) Wrap the last 2 inches of the section of your hair around the foam rollers and roll the roller up towards your scalp while tucking in the end of your hair into the roll. 

5.) Once you get close to your scalp, stop and with one or two fingers push down on the roller. With your free hand grab one side of the strip of fabric and then with the other hand grab the other side of the fabric.

6.) Then tie those ends into a knot. Make sure you have atleast 6 hours to sleep in your wet set of rollers. 

7.) In the morning take those rollers out and softly comb your hair. This will give you a natural curl rather than a "Shirley Temple" curl. Then spray with hair spray and you are ready to go. 



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